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  • 2 Lessons

    The Flock of Doves

    In this ancient Panchatantra tale, a flock of doves is captured in a hunterʼs net. To escape certain doom, the King of the Doves tells the flock to flap their wings together all at once, as a team. Although they are still trapped in the net, their collective strength allows them to get beyond the hunterʼs reach. When they land they meet up with a colony of mice, who frees the flock by chewing through the net.

  • 1 Lesson

    The Rabbit’s Liver


    Deep in the underwater kingdom, the dragon king and queen summon their best physicians to find a cure for their ailing princess. It was decided that a rabbitʼs liver was the only thing that could cure her. A sea turtle volunteers to help. The turtle finds a rabbit and tricks her into coming with him to the underwater kingdom. Once the rabbit learns what will be required of her, she tricks the turtle by claiming to have left her liver ʻback on land.' She is quickly brought onshore to fetch it. Once on land she informs the turtle that she has no intention of giving up her liver. Instead, she gives the turtle a ginseng root, which ultimately heals the princess.