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Testimonials - Storyvalues

"The music and sound effects relate perfectly to the stories and really help make the stories come alive. Having the written version for students to read along to helps those who find it difficult to focus. Without question, students show a sense of pride when their culture is represented by a story and they are particularly eager to explore the related art, music, information and maps. Having the follow up discussions and activity suggestions is a huge time saver for teachers - thank you!" - K. Bunting, Teacher - Librarian

"I love the diversity the stories reflect. The interactive components and the resources that are offered on the website are verys useful for the school and the community. This is a product that is easy to use, reflective of curricular expectations and topical. What a great resource" - M. Sprack, Vice Principal

"I love the way Storyvalues integrates cultural literacy, listening comprehension and character attributes. My students are excited to listen to stories from cultures and countries they identify with or imagine travelling to. They begin to gain greater respect for the diversity within our classroom. I have found it very easy to incorporate Storyvalues into Critical Pathways units for Language and Social Studies, developed around enduring understandings like respect and empathy. I have used the site both in the computer lab or on laptops and using the SmartBoard in my classroom. Because it is so easy to use and so rich in detail, it is helping me gain confidence to incorporate technology more often in my lesson planning. I find the boys in particular are always more engaged than when listening to me read a story aloud or reading silently. I also love that the stories have the text printed for the students to follow along" - J. McColl, Teacher

"I believe Storyvalues interactive has a valuable role to play as an online resource supporting literacy development, critical thinking / inquiry, social, emotional and academic learning, character development and equity / inclusive education. The Storyvalues interactive team has done an admirable job of pulling together stories that represent cultures from around the world. The combination of the oral tradition supported by culturally relevant music and teaching strategies inspire the imaginations of the learner and teacher alike." - S. Rensink, Positive Climates for Learning,YRDSB

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